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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

Another Brighton taxi app, what makes your app different ?

The is different as we are an app you do not need to download. Is a Progressive Web App. Always On and Superfast. Our app unlike other local taxi booking apps displays All drivers in the city, thus giving users more choice. To book a taxi just add your start/destination and phone number ! No sign up required! The major difference is that taxi booking requests are made by using whatsaap. We offer users a new way to book a taxi through a simple, familiar and trusted channel

Are you a local Brighton Taxi company ?

Local yes, Hove actually. No we dont operate as a local taxi company. We are a technology service provider offering a SaaS (software as a service) platform to our clients (taxi drivers). Let me break this down a little. Basically, We provide a booking and marketing platform for All licensed local taxi drivers that work and operate across our city. I say 'we' is just myself and my dog right now. Less is more!

How do you make money ?

Ok so this is the plan, eventualy we will take a small monthly fee from each driver that signs up. The platform will be free to all drivers that use our service until we become the most popular taxi booking app in the city. In time we plan to become a not for profit or social enterprise. Everyone who uses the app will benefit!

Do you have a launch date ?

The web app development should be complete by the end of October mid November. Allowing a couple of months to add drivers. January 2023 we should be good to go !

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